DOAC Elects First Board

November 3, 2009

The new Directors members of the DOAC are: Harold Simpkins (,

Peter Maxymych (, Rick Silver (, Frank Michlick (, Jeffrey Behrendt  (, and Larry Franschman (

The officers of DOAC were elected as well:

  • President: Rick Silver
  • Vice-President: Peter Maxymych
  • Vice-President of Communications: Frank Michlick
  • Treasurer: Harold Simpkins
  • Secretary: Jeffrey Behrendt

Zak Muscovitch, Canada’s leading domain name lawyer, is handling the legal aspects.


The DOAC also defined its first set of mission statements, which include:

  1. To promote the registration and use of dot ca domains in Canada and globally.
  2. To protect the rights and interests of dot ca domain owners.
  3. To encourage the ethical and responsible use of dot ca domains.
  4. To bring the collective voice of all dot ca stakeholders to CIRA.
  5. To lift the dot ca presence requirements

You can find out more about the association on their website Membership is free and you can sign up here.

"The DOAC's mission is to promote internet business and investment in Canada," Behrendt said. "Its goals include promoting the use of dot ca domains, increasing the number of dot ca domains registered, protecting the rights of dot ca domain owners, and most controversially, lifting the dot ca presence requirements. 



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